Tarot for Personal and Professional Success

Want to Learn Tarot for Personal and Professional Success?

If so, then I would love to get you started with the ‘Tarot For Personal & Professional Success’ course absolutely FREE

theworldThis Course Will Help You Find Immediate Answers To:

  • Relationship Questions
  • Money Issues
  • Health Concerns

This course will give you direct insight into:

  • What your Future Holds
  • What your Blocks to Success Are
  • What Action Steps You Need to Take

With this course you will:

  • Be a Person of Wisdom to Friends and Family
  • Connect People to Their Deeper Inner Knowing
  • Bring Light and Awareness into Peoples Lives, Including Your Own


“Within you is hidden the treasure of treasures…” – The Oracle of Delphi

This course has changed many lives, and it can change yours. It is going to reveal profound secrets about your past, present and future.

new-paradigm-aheadHere is a quick run through of what you are going to get:

  • The Major Arcana Tarot Cards Explained
  • Key Tarot Card Spreads
  • Understanding The How To of Reading Tarot via Video Stream
  • The Star Healing Journey Audio Session
  • Free Course Membership Access

Although I am very experienced with Tarot, I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to getting information to people via the internet.

But times have changed and I am now able to get this amazing wisdom to you right now and the best bit is that due to the power of the internet I can give you the Academy’s much sought after ‘Tarot For Personal and Professional Success Course’ for no charge whatsoever so that you can get a full and in depth experience for yourself. IT’S FREE !

I regularly teach this as a $200 one day course, but it’s all yours and it’s all free just so that you can get to know me and enjoy an experience working with me here at the International Tarot Academy.

I know that for you to have a great experience with the Academy, you are going to need to get some really great information and that is why you are getting this $200 course absolutely FREE.
Here is what you are going to get…


Meanings for every one of the Major Arcana (these are the cards that depict the journey of the soul and they hold the secrets and the answers to every big question you could think of) plus the Minor Arcana cards (these describe our regular every day life) and also Royal Court (or family) cards.




Reading the cards involves skill and wise preparation. You’ll get a checklist on what you need to do step by step to complete a reading and two excellent layouts that will have you reading confidently in no time.




Seeing is believing. Here you will see in real time the process of doing a reading. You will see for yourself how to do a reading calmly and confidently.



Part meditation, part healing journey, The Star Audio will take you into the land of Tarot in a whole new way. Experience entering the tarot card and gather what you need on this journey so that you can shine just the way you want to.




The entire course has been uploaded to a membership area that you have free access to. You can work through the course in your own time and share your journey and experiences with like minded others.


Start Your Journey…today

Your interest in Tarot might be to set up your own successful Tarot business or it might be to explore the Tarot as a way to nourish yourself, to deepen your connection with the inner part of you or perhaps to read for your friends or family for pleasure. Regardless of your intention, be assured that as you dip your fingers into the deep water of the Tarot…you will bring up droplets of valuable knowledge and understanding that will nurture you in a way you are yet to imagine.

pathDeepen Your Knowledge Of Self and Others

Imagine having immediate access to your inner wisdom via your higher self and imagine helping others connect to their higher selves and wisdom as well.

You can with this course and remember it’s totally FREE.

Life really can give you something amazing for FREE

Even if you are not sure if this course is for you or you think my gift is too good to be true you can simply unsubscribe whenever you want.


Accred_215-International_Tarot_AcademyTo be honest, I only want to teach people who really love this work so it’s a win win for both of us.

You Can Even Take A Journey To Become Certified As A Professional !

The other great benefit of taking this course is, you can take your learning further and even become officially certified through the International Natural Healers Association. My Academy is an an accredited training provider.

So… all you need to do is press the REGISTER button on the next page and your journey into the Tarot begins.

I can’t wait to see you in the membership area…

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Yours in Peace, Health and Prosperity